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The metallic child is a single-player, rogue-lite and action-packed video game developed and published by Studio HG and Crest, respectively.

The game happens in a laboratory in outer space in the late 20th century. Rona, the Metallic Child, is determined to stop the crashing of the Spacecraft into the earth by other robots. She has to act within her means to end the insurgency.

As the gamer, your work is to guide Rona throughout the mission and help navigate her experiences. The game is action-packed, with Rona gaining more powers through robbing core from her enemies. She can also use the enemies as shields and slamming them over the wall to incapacitate them.

The tactic is hack and slash using available weaponry as well as human shield. Since Rona has to go against her creator, she must fight twice as hard to win the battle.