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From the likes of small planes and big jets, you can fly aircraft with the highest level of accuracy. Have fun while testing your piloting skills through the difficulties of the nighttime skies, live weather conditions and diverse atmospheric pressure. Microsoft Flight simulator was developed by Asobo Studios and published by XBox Game Studios.

The game simulates the whole world in Three dimensions representing various features and terrains. To have an incredible experience, you can come up with good flight ideas that can take you to any place on the planet. Just as the situations are in the real world, simulations of these events are in real-time.

The general layout and game basics

The game simulation has Turn 10 studio’s engine and complemented by data from Microsoft Azure. However, an offline generated Artificial Intelligence reviews the textures basing on their parameters and situates the terrain with materials (roads, bushes, trees and buildings).

The game has realistic concepts in physics and weather systems. The simulator takes advantage of the real-time weather data. In particular, if at the same time the simulator is under operation and it is raining somewhere in the world, then the simulator replicates the same conditions. Different cloud terrains will impact performance depending on the location of the aircraft. On instances of storms, as a player, you can see the lightning.

In some cases of turbulence, It is evident that it happens in the real-time flight. The fact applies in the game too. Common problems related to the piloting of aircraft such as light sources, wind directions and humidity makes the gameplay challenging.

The game world includes over 2 million cities, 37000 realistic airports make it easier to choose a destination. For landing purposes, Asobo has generated runways that have onsite perimeters guiding through the whole process.

Features in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The simulation title explains everything for itself. It is all about everything related to airplanes and how the process of flying is just the same as the one in real-time. This section of the article helps to understand the various kinds of aircraft readily in the disposal and the layout of airports.


The simulation has over twenty flyable aircraft. Generally, these aircraft have an origin in the United States, Germany and French. In addition to this, there are several parts of the airplane prone to customization just within any players liking. Some of the parts include the cockpit layout and image, aircraft model, model texture

Although this customization may be up to you to change and make yourself comfortable in the game, check out some of the areas included in the flight simulator.

  • Model: inclusive of two main sectors. The chassis and the accessories part including the landing gear.
  • Textures, any paint imaginable. Either realistic or fictional makes it easily editable.
  • Aircraft sounds, the real sounds of different types of engines.
  • The cockpit, inclusive of bitmap panels and instrument gauges.
  • Flight Dynamic Engines, inclusive of plane characteristics and parameters.


For the operation of the Airport traffic, Artificial intelligence helps to monitor the flow of planes regardless of whether it is private or commercial planes. The simulator is inclusive of various airport stations as shown below:

  • Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Cairo International Airport (Egypt)
  • Cape Town International Airport (South Africa)
  • O’Hare International Airport (United States)
  • Adolfo Suarez Madrid (Spain)

The best thing about this aspect is that there is a possibility of a real-time configuration of departures from these destinations.

Wrap up

The simulator can use Mindstar Aviation’s Airspace VR to set a platform for the pilot edge and virtual skies. The game allows the network connection to multiplayer mode and allows voice and text communication between the virtual pilots. It enhances the reality spectrum felt throughout the game.

Trying out this simulation will help to improve all the fantasies you have as a person and illuminate some of the new ideas making the piloting field more fan. Besides, it can act as a course of motivation for interested pilots.

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