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About Monster Hunter World

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Players hunt monsters in a variety of landscapes in this action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom


Play alone or with up to three other online gamers in the latest instalment of the Monster Hunter series. Beginning with just a slingshot and chainmail, characters travel through diverse environments trying to track down, and either kill or capture monsters. They can then use materials collected from their victories to build bigger, better equipment to allow them take on more terrifying monsters. Players are accompanied by a Palico – a cat-like companion – which can be fitted out with its own gear, each item offering different bonuses for their character companion. For those that prefer it, there is a story mode option.

What’s special about it?

Capcom has used advanced monster AI to create vast ecosystems which are seamlessly linked – so no loading screens to interrupt gameplay. After investigating their environment and prey, player-created characters can use the environment to their advantage. And the games weather system and day to night cycle add another element, with monsters adapting to their changing surroundings and conditions.

This is an enjoyably difficult game that requires players to keep their wits about them and stay aware of their surroundings, their foe, and their own stamina. Additionally, Capcom offers downloadable content quests, and time-limited event quests. Players can easily join in with these through the new matchmaking system. One example is a 16-person raid against a single monster, with players working in teams of four to help hunt and defeat the monster. The true beauty of Monster Hunter: World is that it is simple to play but the deeper you delve into its worlds, the more complex they become.