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My Hero One’s Justice is a two player Anime/Manga game developed and published by Namco Bandai, or Bandai Namco, for release on October 26th, 2018. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox and PC.
Updates for the game will include an arcade mode and extra powers and fighting styles.

The Game

An exciting action game, but with a name that is a bit off-putting for the English Speaking community as it is grammatically incorrect in English. The game is based on original comic characters.
The game is about fighting for justice, and the fights against opponents go through six levels, each one harder than the last. Defeating the opponents leads to rewards.
The fights include, use of punching, kicking, swords, special powers. Sound effects include impacts, explosions, cries of pain and more.

Graphic scenes and battle

This is a game for people who like Manga and Anime and a lot of action and fighting, ideal for teens and recommended for teens and above due to violent content, cursing, blood, and some cleavage and suggestive themes.

This game is pure fighting, no nice guys and no adventures and quests. It is aggressive and fast and angry. Fighting for justice in a 3D arena, you get to choose between being a hero and being a villain. Each character has it’s own quirks and abilities and you use these to your advantage and try to build a team of allies while personalizing your characters. You get to see the battle from the side of the villains as well as the heros and climb the ranks to become the leader or either the heros or the villains.