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About this game

When Criterion released Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit back in 2010 it was immediately seen a great step forward for the classic street-racing franchise. Now the game has been given the full remaster treatment, so gamers again can experience the high-speed thrills that charmed audiences over a decade ago.

Allowing players to take on the roles of racers or cops, Hot Pursuit takes players to a varied and beautiful open world, full of competitive races and nail-biting chases. To keep up with the street-racer’s roster of vehicles, the police have brought their own to the streets. Players will find more than enough choice when it comes to cars, from humble classics to insane supercars.

When first released, Hot Pursuit received praise for AutoLog, its innovative stat-tracking multiplayer system that made it quick and easy to compete with friends. These features are back in the remaster, so players can immediately get behind the wheel.