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NHL 22 is an ice hockey simulation, a single-player and multiplayer video game. It was developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA sports. It is based on the NHL series. For the past seven years, the NHL series has been using the ignite engine but at this point it has jumped to the Frostbite engine. The abilities of superstars are re unique and are differentiated from those of other players by the introduction of the superstar X-Factors. Superstar areas of expertise are affected by the unlocking of specific animations.

What’s New
New features such as gameplay animations, new reverse hitting, passing, shot blocks, pickups, revamped puck protection, goalie saves and pokes are introduced. Seattle kraken team is introduced as they join the National Hockey league. The character models arb been done thus the ratings of different players have been updated depending on how they perform in the NHL series. New lighting engines around the arenas are rebuilt to enhance particle and visual effects on the ice.

The strength and body positioning are further highlights on how different the NHL 22 is this year. As a ice hockey fan, you have the best features hence you have extra game planning you can fixate. You have the ability to neutralize the players with high speeds and with high shot accuracy by poke checking or diving into the shots. The game has simple behaviors such as shot errors, time to settle your puck or bobbling the puck. The graphics of the players resembling the reality are very similar hence you can pinpoint out the player on the screen.

What Makes It Interesting
For those who like competing against each other, you are well taken care of as you can play against different teams. There is a career mode that one can play as a single-player against the computer. The career is the best and interesting as you manage a team, buy and sell players to make the team stronger.