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Nigate Tale is an isekai story developed by Hermit games which is an anime genre in which the protagonists are people from their “regular” world who travel or are spirited to parallel worlds, which are often magical or directly fictitious within the character’s universe.

How to play Nagate Tale
You play as Roy, a young craftsman who is trapped in a mystical castle following an aircraft crash in Nigate Tale. Because this location, which exists outside of time and space, fluctuates and changes all the time, each visit to its rooms will be unique! To get back home, you’ll have to fight your way through this procedurally constructed cursed castle. Loot the best resources, create new equipment, and improve your combat and magical skills while befriending fierce monster girls along the way who will grant you extraordinary magical abilities if you bring them the correct gifts! Players can expect an exciting isekai plot and a fantastic art style thanks to Hermit Games’ team’s expertise in the anime industry.