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It is an action-packed video game created and published by Jackto Studios. The main actor has to fight through a zombie-infested region. It is both single and multi-player as gamers need others to survive. Lucy, the main protagonist, teams up with other survivors to escape the danger posed by the zombies. The game plot revolves around survival, combat and supernatural beings.

The Plot

Lucy wakes up in a strange land after undergoing an experiment, which left her in a deep coma. She finds that the whole city is under the zombie’s spell. The city is cut off from the entire world, forcing Lucy to fight from within as she finds another way out.

Luckily, she manages to get hold of other survivors with whom they plan to escape. However, they have to ensure they individually survive and strategise on what to do afterwards. Her main undoing is that her body attracts the zombies at night.

Points to Note when Playing

It is a third-person perspective game featuring selected gamers who can move to any part of the world. For effective betting, there are 2 points which the gamer has to observe:-

The player uses the time to gather weapons and food in readiness for combat. From farming, purchasing and looting, whatever the gamer feels is appropriate goes. Since the zombies aren’t walking around, it is a perfect time to plan for an attack.

Zombies now come out to terrorise humans. As much as retreating seems like a good idea, humans have to reclaim their glory. The zombies might have the advantage, but Lucy and other escapees have the intelligence. They let the zombies surround them, which leads them to traps where they are caught.

Features of Gaming

  • Lucy and her team should build combat bases to act as their fort. They use trees, stones and artefacts. These operational bases should have traps on the periphery to scare off zombies.
  • Replenish their food reserves to give them the energy needed during warfare.
  • Gather anything that can act as a weapon along the way.
  • From the journals given, find any leading clue that can help Lucy and the team leave the island.