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About Nioh 2 The Complete Edition

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Nioh 2 is an action, fantasy, role-playing, RPG game developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD and will be released early this year.

The thriller game involves taking on multitudes of the frightening yokai in a masocore action battle. In the game, you develop your unique protagonist who you take to a dark adventure in the most terrifying areas in Japan in the Sengoku reign.

Features and Abilities

The previous version of Nioh received praise and criticism from the fans in equal measures. Just like its predecessor, Nioh 2 has an initial profound story regarding the military leaders in the Sengoku era. The difference between Nioh 2 and its forerunner is that in Nioh 2, there is an added ability called “the new Yokai Shield”. The Yokai Shift enables you to use powerful and devastating forms to beat even the best of the yokai. Another added feature is the “Dark Realm”, where you could raise the battle stakes and set up unique challenges for your player character to overcome.


The complete edition will come with all of Nioh 2’s content including all of its 3 DLC expansions namely Darkness in the Capital, The First Samurai, and The Tengu’s Disciple. In the Tengu’s Disciple, your player character is taken to end of the Heian era. Here, the clan of Heike and Genji are competing and fighting ruthlessly. This expansion plays the role of a prologue and is aimed at introducing the story of how Nioh 2 came into existence.

Darkness in the Capital’s setting is in the middle of the Heian era, a point in time where Japan was engulfed with the yokai and evil spirits. The player character is taken to this time and the mission is to venture into the capital with an aim to reveal the relation between that distant time and the present day where the protagonist came from. Lastly, the First Samurai extension takes the player character to the beginning of the Heian reign. In this extension, the protagonist will be expected to face their arch-arch-rival, Otakemaru.


Nioh 2 brings unmatched thrill and excitement to gamers. It is a fantasy game that comes with a variety of special features, expansions, and devastating forms of battleground tactics. Gamers who like games with a storyline will fall in love with this game. Play this game and unleash your darkness.