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Developed by Grasshopper Manufacturer Inc and published by XSEED, Marvelous Entertainment, No More Heroes is a classic action game. This hack and slash game is focused on violence, gore and blood. In this game, legendary Travis Touchdown who is the key player gets into an online auction, where he gets to win a Beam Katana. He uses the weapon to start his new profession of killing people.

At some point in the game, he meets HelterSkelter, an assassin, and they both get into a fight. Travis emerges the winner and moves on to the next phase where he meets Silvia Christel. Silvia is a French woman with claims of working with the UAA. She gives Travis a rank of 11, where he then fights to get to number 1. Santa Destroy, the city in which No More Heroes is staged allows the player to explore as they take on missions of all sizes, buy weapons and collect money. The trick in this game is to implement Beam Katana to fight and defeat enemies.