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Northgard is a real time strategy game using a Viking Norse mythology theme, developed and published by Shiro Games.

Small Beginnings

The game starts as the player takes control of a small band of Vikings on the mythological land of Northgard. With just a small number of units the task ahead is to gather resources and explore adjacent land, all the while creating new buildings that may act as shelter or training grounds for hunters and fishermen. Limited to just a few structures on each area of land the game quickly demands tactical thinking from the player. Reading the land and deciding the best course of action based on its terrain is the only way to survive, particularly as the game throws a harsh winter soon after beginning. Your team of Vikings may starve if you haven’t gathered enough food!

The Gods Look On

With its simple cartoon style graphics you may be led to believe this is a simple game but it is anything but. This is a deep strategy game that requires some thought but also a game that doesn’t drain your time as it is possible to play in short, fun bursts. Players are able to beat the game (either AI or against other players) by a variety of tactics such as conquest, in other words destroying the opponent, or excelling at trading. The premise may be simple but its in the actual execution of play that the game reveals a huge variety of outcomes. Put a great range of opponents such as Giants, Wolves and Wyverns into the mix and the game will draw the player back again and again.