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If you love breaking news and keeping up with the happenings then you will love this game. Not for broadcast, a game published by the tiny bit company was released on 30th January 2020. One thing you will love about this game is its thrill. With this game, it is always about its context. The game is set in the 1980s. It shows how breaking news keeps the citizens’ spirit up with the country being on its lowest point. The news team is tasked with keeping the spirit of people high regardless of the happenings.

Why this game

One thing that makes not for broadcast thrilling is how things and events twist. You might join in as a janitor and end up being a news producer. This keeps you on your toes of how to deal with the pressure of learning new stuff in the newsroom. The adrenaline is what keeps the players going. The game also comes with a free trial. This is where you get to go through the game and interact freely before putting your money online.

It is important to note that engaging with this game would be great if you do it from its own website. The website has clear steps on how to work through the game so that you don’t get frustrated in the middle of the game. This helps you earn one, two skills that help you become a pro at this game.

Although the game was released early this year, the full version is yet to be released but from how the released version is we are assured of even better fun and thrill from the upcoming version. If you love gaming then this might just be the game that you have been looking and need as it has all that it takes. You can’t fail in this game if you are that person that loves news or any other person who loves to have fun. It is that game that will make you want to play more and more as it has those small tricks that you need to get over and that is what makes the game more enjoyable.