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Nova Drift is a game created by PixelJam. The game has the mechanical depth of an action RPG. Your task is to control an evolving bio-mechanical ship as you fight a horde of deadly foes. You will also be riding the wake of a star that is dying.

Features of the Game

  • Your ship evolves to fit your choice of weaponry as you defeat your enemies.
  • In Nova Drift, you will build your ship from the start to its execution in one session.
  • Each game run has a unique build. You can experiment with each round because the games are quick.
  • You are rewarded for your creativity and cunning nature as you chain upgrade modules.
  • You have access to more than 120 weapons as you expand your arsenal.
  • Play how you want. Command a drone army, snipe, charge up, discharge your shields, use thrusters to burn your enemies, or smash through your enemies.
  • The generation of each round is random. The unique aspect of each game makes the fight unpredictable and intense.

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