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Omori is one of the games that are becoming more popular each day, even though it is still new in the market. The game is a collaboration between OMOCAT and PLAYISM; Omocat developed the game and Playism co-published it for the full release. The versions available on steam today are for PC Windows and macOS. However, if you want to play Omori in your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch port, you might have to wait for the release version; the plans are already underway.

About the Game

Omori is a strange psychological horror game that focuses on a young depressed boy named Omori. The game is mainly based on the boy going on adventures with his friends while helping others they come across. When playing Omori, you can explore a mysterious world full of both friends and foes.

Omori sees himself as a horrible person and wonders why his friends would want to spend their time around someone like him. However, Omori has not always been an awful friend. He even tries to recall a time when he was not like this. Apart from that, he has forgotten someone or something significant as it seems.

Therefore, Omori goes adventuring with friends, navigating through the vibrant and mundane in a quest to recall his forgotten past. When playing the game, the path you choose would determine your fate and perhaps that of others when the time comes.

Game Inspirations

If you loved playing Earthbound and Mother 3, you need to play Omori because the two video games heavily inspire it. Apart from these Mother series games, Omori is also inspired by Yume Nikki. Yume Nikki is an entirely independent RPGMaker game out of the Mother series.

Game’s Art

Both pixel art and hand-drawn art are used to complete the artwork for the game. Pixel art is used to portray the overworld and its characters, while hand-drawn drawings show enemy fights, depictions of objects and other significant cut scenes.


When playing Omori, you can control four characters who navigate through the two-dimensional world in an adventure. The only challenge is that they cannot access the overworld map. Sometimes, the Omori-verse can feel like a three-dimensional world because the areas can loop into each other.


Playing video games has become a culture in our society today. If you are a video games fan, Omori will not disappoint you. If there are any updates for Omori, they will be posted on their official website; therefore, you can visit the site to update the game.