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This game was first released in Japan as the Onimusha. It is an action-adventure with graphics and video game. The first entry of Onimusha game series was first released for the PlayStation two in 2001. Later on, it was released in an advanced form as the Genma Onimusha for the Xbox in the year 2002.

The original game of Onimusha, the Warlords version was only released in two countries which are Russia and Asia. A re-master for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam is designed and scheduled to be launched in January 2019. The game was created by the Capcom Company.

The Game Plot

The Onimusha’s game plot was set in the Sengoku period, and it mainly focuses on Nobunaga Oda, who fights against the samurai Samanosuke Akechi. After the death of the famous Nobunaga during the battle, samurai Samanosuke Akechi goes on a quest to protect and save Princes Yuki from the demons that are working from the Nobunaga’s Forces. Players are able to control Samanosuke and Kaede who is his partner and a female ninja in their battle against demons.

While Onimusha borrows some elements from the Capcom’s Resident Evil Survival in the horror series, such as fixed camera and solving puzzles, the game focuses more on the genre with samurai Samanosuke Akechi possessing various weapons that players can upgrade by defeating some of the enemies.

After its establishment, the game was famous making it the first PlayStation two games to attain one million sales. Onimusha’s sales eventually surpassed 2 million units in the entire world.

The Game Play

For those players familiar with the Resident Evil or the Dino Crisis, the Onimusha game should feel familiar and easy to play and control. The Onimusha controls with digital pads for movement and the Square functions as the main attack.

The Circle absorbs souls, X is an open door or action, decide, and the Triangle is a special cancel or move. All players are able to perform a 180 move with the R2 while blocking with L1. Its inventory unit is also Classic RE. One of the components that players find is a herb, and they can combine the items for powerful ones.