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Oninaki is an action RPG game developed by Tokyo RPG factory and published by Square Enix. The makers of this game have also released other highly successful games such as the Lost Sphear and I am Setsuna.

About the game

In Oninaki, the player takes the role of a Watcher known as Kagachi. He has the sole aim of protecting life after death. The player is cast in a world where it is forbidden for people to mourn the loss of their loved ones. This is because mourning would turn them into deadly monsters who never find peace in their afterlife.


Kagachi’s parent’s died while he was at a young age. This led to him and his friend Mayura to become Watchers. Watchers have the ability to travel between the realms of life and death. When a person dies, they are reborn into a new life, unless their souls are weighed down by grief. It is thus the responsibility of the watcher to guide these souls into their new lives or risk them turning into monsters. The Watcher has to perform this role even if it means confronting and killing evils spirits and monsters.

Style of the game

The combat in Oninaki is by hacking and slashing, with some special powers also being available. A Watcher can bond with spirits known as Daemons. Each of these Daemons have different skillsets such as a sword dash or a jump attack with a spear. Players can switch between Daemons to achieve various tactical attack options.