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OPUS Echo of Starsong is a text-driven adventure game developed and published by SIGONO. It is the 3rd game in the OPUS series, which focuses on exploration and gaming puzzles.

The Game Plot

OPUS Echo of Starsong storyline revolves around Eda, a girl who had the powers to imitate the sound made by asteroids. The sound, Starsong, is the key to unlocking abilities that will help redeem a community suffering from civil wars. However, Eda is doing it to help Jun, an exiled man who want to use the Starsong powers to redeem himself. Although Eda is instrumental in her quest, she turns out to be a huge burden to Jun later on.

The game is set in a fictional planet called Thousand Picks, which was ripped by the Lumen War. Different factions in the war were angling to get hold of Lumen, a precious resource on the planet. Anyone who got Lumen would claim its mining right, which was the source of the war. Eda’s magical powers help her imitate the sound of the asteroids, directing them to where the Lumen is.

OPUS Echo of Starsong Characters

Eda – the game’s protagonist who has magical powers to imitate asteroids. The asteroids are vital in locating Lumen, which is the key to the community’s peace.

Jun – another main character who is out to get the Lumen to save his community. However, the community leadership exile him, and getting the Lumen is the only way to get into the good books of his community. He seeks the help of Eda to locate and bring the Lumen to his community.

Other characters in the plot include Starsong brokers, asteroid protection and enforcement officers. The brokers helped in the navigation, while the enforcement officers were the obstacles.