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Opus Magnum is your chance to explore the power of alchemy. Brought to you by Zachtronics, this game gives you access to a powerful tool: the transmutation engine. You will use this to solve puzzles and create poisons and various potions as an alchemical engineer.

What can you do in Opus Magnum?

Opus Magnum allows you to explore your skill and power as an alchemical engineer. This includes the ability to design your own machines. You can then build them using features such as custom track and programmable arms. There are other components you get access to, such as the Glyph of Animismus.

Can you turn lead into gold?

With Opus Magnum, you can do anything an alchemist can do – including turning lead into gold. You can experiment with various chemicals as well. The game will challenge you with a series of puzzles. Of course, you can also create your own puzzles. You can then play against your friends and other opponents.

What about the story?

The game is set in a very precarious and dangerous time. As an alchemical engineer, you’re highly sought-after. This also means that rivaling ancient houses are watching each other. The stakes are high – you have the ability to create almost any known substance.

Be the most respected alchemical engineer

You are going to compete to be the best. You will create the fastest solutions to the game’s puzzles. The puzzles you create are not ignored either. If you create one of the top puzzles, it will be included in the Journal of Alchemical Engineering. It’s time to do some alchemy!