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Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a forthcoming platform-adventure game of the Metroidvania genre, was developed by the Vienna, Austria-based Moon Studios. Microsoft Studios published it for Xbox One as well as Microsoft Windows.

Development of the Game

It’s a sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, released in 2015, and it was announced during the E3 2017 that took place on 11 June. That was done with a teaser trailer, which depicts new lands as well as Ori together with a young owl, probably the owl Kuro’s last child from the previous game. It’s planned to be an Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox One X Enhanced and 4K UHD title. The score was composed by Gareth Coker.

On 7 Aug 2017, it was announced that Milton Guasti, the Another Metroid 2 Remake developer, had joined the team of Ori as a level designer. In Oct 2017, a video was released by Moon Studios showcasing the design program that was used in developing the game cinematics.

The program allowed animators making changes while in progress. Hence allows for a process that is more flexible and streamlined.


The players assume control of a white guardian spirit (Ori) and Sein, who is the Forest’s Spirit Tree’s “light and eyes”. To advance in the game, the players are assigned to move between platforms, solving puzzles.

The video game features a system known as “soul links”. This system allows players saving at will. It also has an upgrade system that offers the players the capability of strengthening the skills of Ori.

The game world opens to the players in the Metroidvania’s fashion, new capabilities allowing players to access the areas that were inaccessible previously. Rayman and Metroid franchises inspired some of the foundational elements of the gameplay.

The game story is centred on a new adventure of discovering the world beyond the Nibel forest, uncovering the lost ones’ truth as well as unearthing the true destiny of Ori.


They are a special kind of collectable exclusive to the One-Life mode. Whenever a One-Life mode file restarts after death, a wisp marks the place upon where Ori died. Ori is awarded a large spirit light by collecting a wisp.