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Oshirabu Waifus Over Husbandos is an adventure/visual novel genre game developed by SukeraSomera and published by HUBLOTS mirai works. It is a Yuri game that was released on 27 February, 2020.


The game follows the life of Akuru Hayahoshi, an office worker obsessed with playing gacha games. These are games where players have a chance of winning various items. Although she is unlucky, her careless spending and obsession with a bishonen (a pretty boy character) almost lead to her ruin. This is revealed when we learn that she has spent almost two months of her rent. This is until Ren Faturachi, a freakishly beautiful and lucky girl enters into the picture. Ren manages to win Akuru the prize she has been obsessively trying to win. In the heat of the moment, a misunderstanding ensues that leads to a proposal. Although it was a misunderstanding, Ren pursues the Akuru feverishly to be her waifu, while all Akuru wants is a husbando. The two end up being roommates, with one wanting one thing, while the other is unassuming. This conflict leads into a classic Yuri chase game of cat and mouse. In addition to the two main charcaters, Akuru’s friend Shino brings a lot of fun to the story. She likes to make trouble for Akuru, and tease them both, which makes Ren jealous.


The game was released in English, Japanese and Chinese languages. As with many Yuri games, it uses a soft water colour style to create beautiful artwork. The characters and backgrounds also have a good amount of detail that makes them appealing. For a laid-back visual novel, the background music fits remarkably well to dictate the various moods happening in the story.

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