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Ostriv is a strategic city-building game set in the 1800s from developer studio yevhen8 founded by Yevheniy. In the game, you take the reigns as a governor tasked with building a city into an empire. The game is a realistic take on city planning and development and stands apart from similar entries in this category by providing the freedom to any layout you want.

The game is developed by yevhen8, a Ukraine based game studio founded by Yevheniy Vosmyi. Yevheniy solely developed the game in his spare time from 2014 through 2018 and formed the yevhen8 game studio with friends who helped fine-tune its graphics. Ostriv is a passion project from Yevheniy to solve problems faced in strategy civilization building games.

Ostriv is compatible with PC’s and comes in two languages, English and Ukraine. The game is non taxing on systems and is the best for machines with minimal tasking specifications.

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