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ParanormalHK is a Chinese horror game developed by Ghostpie Studio and released on 6th January 2020. It tells the scary story of a group of young individuals which occurs on a full moon night during the month of July. The group is interested in making a film titled Beyond the Invisible that specializes in magical items.
In this horror story, you will play as a character known as Ah Lok, and you will be in charge of filming as you offer assistance to Kathy. As the game starts, your character will be assisting Kathy to film an introduction for Beyond the Invisible. But before you can complete shooting the introduction, the camcorder suddenly develops some issues.
The issues make it impossible for you to continue with the shoot, a fact that annoys Kathy. Given that she is too annoyed, she goes out on her own in search of clues and leaves Ah Lok at the filming site alone. Ah Lok also sets out on his own on the dark road in search of his friends. He comes across a generator that he can use to unlock the door.
On unlocking it, Kathy arrives all of a sudden and announces that she has located the key. However, someone appears from nowhere and proceeds to grab her by the leg as he pulls her away. Ah Lok must now embark on a trip to help locate his disappeared friend. As he proceeds with the journey, he comes across all kinds of mysterious legends in the walled city of Kowloon.

Trip to Help Uncover Shadowy Legends

In the course of the journey to locate the now disappeared Kathy, Ah Lok comes across many bloody rooms filled with statues, all glaring at him. Kathy emerges from one of these rooms, having a witch-like look. She begins coming after Ah Lok forcing him to flee. As he is running away, he sees a card that has a distorted face of Kathy, further confusing him.
The best part about ParanormalHK is that this isn’t the only surprise awaiting the gamer. Ah Lok, at some point, receives a call from an unknown woman known as Ghost Face, and who happens to be a psychic. The lady informs Ah Lok that if he desires to continue breathing, then he has no option but to find an older woman’s home.
He follows the instructions to the latter and locates the house. The old lady gives him several charms which he is required to use to help him locate Kathy. Ah Lok manages to save his friend, allowing them to make their escape from the horrific place quickly.

A Camera with a Secret

Having made their escape from the terrifying land, the two friends begin to fall in love. Kathy is, however, not her usual self as she, at times, engages in weird actions, including disappearing for as long as three months.
As Ah Lok frantically searches for clues in the office on where Kathy could have gone, he receives a second phone call from Ghost Face. She informs him that the camera they used to record the introduction of their film contains a curse. As such, any person who gets recorded using it becomes cursed.
He remembers something which causes him to open a computer belonging to a friend of his known as Ah Hoi. A video on the laptop shows that Ah Hoi has been hanged upside down in the room where he first saw Ghost Face. As he continues searching through Kathy’s things, he comes across a second video that shows that Kathy traveled to a haunted real estate. In this video, she can be seen running away from a ghost wearing a red skirt.
The ending for this game is open-ended, forcing the gamer to begin brainstorming.

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