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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020 needs no introduction to the die-hard interactive sports gaming genre fans, but it’s worth noting the slight name-change under which the 19th version is hitting the gaming circuits. Developers Konami Digital Entertainment have named this iteration of the much-loved game eFootball PES 2020 and it features some progressive changes true football fans will love.

Updated player faces

Your favorite stars are ever more recognizable, with distinct features that have been added to the updated player faces. It’s not just the faces which make the players uniquely identifiable though. You can spot a player from afar through their running style and other mannerisms, such as how they pass the ball, etc.

New first-touch technique

Preexisting fans of the franchise particularly delight in the realism offered by PES over the years and with the 2020 version a new first-touch technique has been introduced to further add to that realism. Mastery thereof can make for the much-needed, fine-margin advantage required to swing the match in your favor.

Finesse dribbling

Gone are the days of having to make-do with a series of monotonously programmed skills associated with pretty much all the players in your team. With PES 2020, finesse dribbling has been introduced, which in action simply means there are certain skills and dribbles only a player like Messi could pull-off under certain in-game situations, in addition to what are some trademark skills associated with specific players, like the characteristically soft-touch Andres Iniesta has.

Contextual game-play actions

The PES franchise’s realism appears to be on an exponential growth trajectory, with this 2020 iteration reinforcing that with further improved ball physics and contextual in-game actions, such as a player of a specific skill-level applying situational awareness to play an unconventional pass.

Basically PES 2020 takes realism to a whole new level and that realism transcends the game-play action, with a fully overhauled full-team career mode (Master League). The firm favorite will be available across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC platforms.