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The launching of Phantom Doctrine by CreativeForge games saw players explore a treacherous world filled with cold war experience through combat and X-COM like stealth. Contrary to other single-player games, Phantom Doctrine is a CreativeForge’s game which allows multiple players to complete multiplayer battles. Moreover, this game can blend spy fiction incorporating a tactical strategy which makes it an intriguing type of a multiplayer game.

How Unique is the Phantom Doctrine Game?

As outlined by CreativeForge, this multiplayer game can be played across five maps. However, these maps offer entirely different tactical challenges. For instance, the “Soviet Hotel” is an arena which contains medium-sized rooms. On the other hand, “Trainyard” is a chaotic location with accidental firing. Moreover, “Call Center” is a location which accommodates sneaky tactics.

Navigation Around the Game Settings

When setting up the game, players can choose from a large roster of the preconfigured settings which a divided into classes. Every class has a unique profile which encourages a span of tactics. For instance, “Spitfire” is a tank which suppresses enemies with grant allies with a smoke grenade and his machine gun. Also, Fixer has the capability of mining critical passages as well as eliminating almost half the enemy’s team using a cluster bomb.

Emerging Victorious in the Phantom Doctrine Game

Emerging victorious in the Phantom Doctrine game requires players to utilise the vast range of tactical moves and counter moves. In this game, “doors” are surprisingly dominant tools to use in the game. Therefore, when you bypass a single overwatch zone such as a blinding laser or a smoke grenade, it can determine the outcome of the entire game.

In this game a well-placed poison grenade can contribute to victory if the agent who used it stays alive until the time when the poison grenade takes effect. Also, players need to understand the salient mechanics that bring contrast between XCOM and Phantom Doctrine. For instance, the awareness system which determines the route of escape for an agent from the enemy. Additionally, players should understand that every weapon has different modes of firing which in one way or the other can be used to maximise damage as well as suppress the enemy.