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Phasmophobia is an action, survival horror game created and released by Kinetic Games. It is a single-player game that also supports play in virtual reality (VR). The game revolves around a co-op psychological horror setting where you, as a player, create a team of paranormal investigators with whom you will travel to haunted regions characterized by mystic activity.


As a player in the game, you will have to take control of one member of the group of four paranormal investigators contracted to hunt for ghosts inhabiting various abandoned buildings like hospitals, homes, schools, and prisons. You can use ghost hunting equipment in the game to search for and locate evidence of the existence of the ghost you are looking for with your team. Phasmophobia features twelve different types of ghosts, each of which has different behaviors. The primary goal is not to have defeated many ghosts at the end of the game but to gather enough information on them. At the end of every successful mission for your team, the players get rewarded through pay.

Players get to communicate via voice chat, one which the ghosts can hear and react to gradually. You and the team can use several equipment types to help in the mission, including CCTV cameras, UV flashlights, crucifixes, thermometers, EMF readers, and Ouija boards. The above equipment can serve the purposes of investigation, communication, clue gathering, and safety. You can decide to support the team by monitoring their location with motion sensors and CCTV cameras from the truck’s comfort or accompanying them for the ghostly activities and getting your hands dirty.

Features of Phasmophobia

The game has some features that make it attractive to players:
• Cross-Platform – The game incorporates all players, regardless of whether they have VR or not; hence you can have fun with friends who have VR, as well as those who don’t.
• Enticing Experiences – Phasmophobia has good and realistic graphics and sounds. It also has minimal user interfaces that ensure you a captivating experience, one which keeps you on your toes.
• Co-op Multiplayer – The game allows you to engage your friends, with up to four player-characters available.
• Unique Ghosts – Phasmophobia has over ten varying ghosts, each of them with unique behaviors; hence every investigation you and the team carry out will be different from the other.
• Investigations – Utilize the ghost hunting equipment to find clues and collect as much information and evidence as you can get.
• Full Voice Recognition – Utilize your actual voice to associate with the ghosts. They listen to your voice every time you interact through EVP Sessions and Ouija Boards.