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About this game

Phoenix Point, a forthcoming strategy game, features a TBT (turn-based tactics system), and it’s being developed by the Sofia, Bulgaria-based Snapshot Games.

Release Date

The game will be released in September 2019 and is expected to be a spiritual replacement for the X-COM game series, created by Julian Gollop, studio head. Phoenix Point is the 2nd project of Snapshot Games, after their release of Chaos Reborn in 2015.


The game has an open-world environment where multiple artificial intelligence-controlled human factions are acting on their own agendas just like in the X-COM: Apocalypse, which was created by Julian and released in 1997.


The game draws inspiration from the video game series called Fallout with how the player can target any body part of an enemy during combat. Julian will also introduce novel ideas, like gameplay system whereby aliens can mutate, evolving in semi-random ways while trying to adapt to the technology and tactics of the player.


When it comes to designing improvements to the 1990s gameplay systems developed by Julian, he seeks to put an additional grand strategy view. Julian’s plan for this game borrows from grand strategy games with procedural generation components and emergent gameplay such as Crusader Kings II.

Also, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, a 4X video game from the Civilization series, influences how Julian intends to create more 4x-like dynamics in Phoenix Point’s open-world strategy aspects.


The game is set in the middle of an alien invasion in the year 2047 on an Earth, with Lovecraft-inspired terrors on the brink of wiping out the entire humanity. When the game starts, you are in command of Phoenix Point (a lone base)and face tactical and strategic challenges as you are trying to save yourself and the whole human race from annihilation by the threat from the aliens.

For instance, aliens will encroach on lands that are controlled by humans with alien land-walkers that bare size of a city while bus-sized boss monsters lead their combat forces.

Multiple factions of humans pursue their objectives as they are competing with players for resources, which are limited, in the apocalyptic world. The way in which you will resolve these challenges in the game can lead to different endings.