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What is Planet Nomads?

Planet Nomads is a science fiction video game, with the player having to survive on an alien planet. The game is developed by Craneballs. It is a single player game.

How is the game Played?

The game starts with the player, represented as a lone astronaut scientist, crash-landing on an alien planet. The objective of the game is to escape from the planet. Through the game, the player has to secure food, water, and building materials, essential for his survival. What the player builds determines the survival chances. The more the player builds, the more advanced the game progresses, and closer the player comes to escape from the planet. The game is a block building format, with more than 100 blocks. The survival mechanics are embedded in the core design of the game. The game is long drawn out, and players generally gain competency as they advance in the game. Initially, getting even basic food would be a struggle, but as the player spends time on the planet, they can build greenhouses to produce food.


The game gets difficult as the level advanced, and the players explore newer zones outside their existing radius. The player has to survive poisonous plants, beasts that can eat a man alive, extreme temperatures which can freeze a man to death, and several other challenges. The player can also suffer setbacks. For instance, a pack of beasts may come and destroy the player painstakingly builds a house, if the player has not catered to an adequate defence mechanism. In such an eventuality, the player, if at all he manages to escape from the beasts, becomes a nomad and has to start all over again.

Key USPs

Planet Nomads offers a unique, all-round gaming experience. The game combines skill, intellect, attention, and other skills, and tests the player’s survival skill. Players who win the game feel like a true survivor. The game already has a vibrant community, and the developers take feedback to evolve the game constantly.