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About this game

Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time Remake, is an action-adventure game that features charismatic characters, a compelling story, and innovative gameplay. Initially developed in 2003, this modern version follows the life of an unnamed prince.

His father destroys an ancient city and takes away valuable possessions after being incited by the treacherous Vizier. While the city is under attack, the prince is fortunate to find an artifact known as the Dagger of Time. His father’s army ends up obtaining an hourglass that has the mysterious Sands of Time.

When Vizier visits the Sultan of Azad’s palace, he tricks the prince into releasing the sands. This transforms the people of Azad into monsters under Vizier’s control. The game revolves around the prince working to undo his mistakes. A vital mechanic of the game is the dagger that the prince has to figure out how to use to rewind time.