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The development of Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a game that was produced and released by Introversion Software in 2015. It is a simulation game that focuses on players using strategy in order to build and manage their very own high security prison. Every aspect of the prison needs to be considered, from building a canteen, a guard room, a toilet, an infirmary and pretty much everything else that would be found in a normal prison. With new prisoners arriving by the bucketload, the building never really stops..

About the game

What seems like a pretty basic strategic games of laying bricks, can actually feel more like a horror game in places. If you follow the game in story mode, you will follow a man named Edward. This is a guy who is actually on death row in the prison, with the electric chair waiting for him. When his story reaches its climax, there are four other prisoners who stories need to be told. There are a whole bunch of interesting characters from evil senators to mafia drug lords and a whole lot more. Escape mode also offers lots of adventure because it allows you to actually play as a prisoner who is looking to escape from the joint. Finding your very own method of escape is guaranteed to keep you busy for hours, with 12,000 possible prisoners to play as. The characters really come to life in Prison Architect, which makes for a very thrilling game that is unlike any other out there.