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Pro Cycling Manager, a cycling management as well as real-time simulation game series, was created by Cyanide. It was first launched as Cycling Manager in 2001. A new version is always released yearly to match with the annual multiple stage bicycle race, Tour de France.


Pro Cycling Manager 2017 is offered in various languages, including Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, English as well as French. However, the configuration of the actual language depends on the game’s local publisher.


The game runs on the PC. It’s produced in collaboration with the main professional cycling teams that are under the AIGCP and the IPCT.

Objective of Pro Cycling Manager 2017

The player takes the role of a director of sports for one of the competitive teams of the UCI Pro Tour. Also, the player can create their cycling stages and race on them. The player will first choose a team; the team can be an existing one, or they can create a personalised one. The chosen team is going to be part of the three divisions of professional riders. The player must learn how to manage the team. A manager must set his rider’s objectives as well as their training programmes and schedule to achieve results that are going to make the sponsors satisfied. The team’s financial management appears soon after that. Managing the calendar enables the player to prepare for big events and plan for important races. The player can plan their season’s progress at their own rhythm.

Online Multiplayer Multiplayer

The game offers several online multiplayer gaming modes for a maximum of 16 simultaneous players. They are mainly ladder games that allow the player to race against other players worldwide and the custom tournaments, which are friendly games and don’t count towards the rankings.

3D Cycle Races

The player can play 3D cycle races in the game. If it’s possible stimulating a race to directly generate the results, watching a 3D race allows the player to react to events while they happen. That increases their chance of victory.