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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 is a football/soccer video game by Konami that bases itself on the great foundation laid by the earlier iteration, PES 2017. In other words, PES 2018 isn’t a significant enhancement over its predecessor. But it certainly consolidates PES 2017’s gains and focuses more on making the game’s core audience happier. If you fancied PES 2017, the additional variety and depth along with smaller tweaks made to certain modes would satisfy you more.

Fluidity and Subtlety

The game’s fluidic gameplay that can be witnessed and experienced when moving and passing the ball is a complete delight to watch. The game excels in its subtlety that resides in those small moments, which may not look significant in the overall scheme of things. However, it does help with making the game a lot more realistic. For instance, a player celebrating a few seconds before the ball crosses the goal line are minor touches that provide a significantly well-rounded feel. The range of player animations available is unrivalled, making watching matches quite beautiful. Also, the control scheme, unlike other similar soccer games, is simple and makes pulling off some remarkable on-pitch antics quite easy.

Real Touch+

This feature basically elaborates on Real Touch (PES 2017). Real Touch+ keeps Real Touch’s touch sensitivity and increased awareness, but now it also brings the entire body into play. Players can now use their shoulders, thighs, chest, stomach and foot completely (front, rear and side) for controlling the ball. This means imperfect passes would now be better at finding targets, since players have a lot more ways for interacting with the incoming passes.

Master League

Master League continues to be the excellent offline mode. There is a new selection to augment the difficulty relating to managing a club’s off-field dealings. The difficulty setting ‘Challenge’ when kick-starting a game afresh makes it harder to sign new faces. This feature comes in handy as your current team would be keen to take the exit if things fall apart on the field. The Challenge mode certainly prompts you to consider your squad’s makeup over the longer period, which influences your holistic approach.