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The Project Hospital is a hospital-themed game that has been developed by Oxymoron Games. Sometime back, building a hospital was among the best things to do on a PC; from taking care of patients to establishing your mark in the world of medicine. This hospital theme is a fresh take, and the developers are working hard to improve this hospital management game even further. Can Project Hospital end our nostalgia?

About the Game

This game allows you to become an excellent doctor, an ambitious architect and a good manager at. You can design your hospital, customise each detail or even use the predefined models and jump into the doctor’s work.

In this game, you can hire insurance companies and gain help out patients with extreme medical conditions, do lab tests and use a range of equipment to crack diagnostic puzzles. Furthermore, you can hospitalise the patients, perform medical surgery.

In Project Hospital, you can use various objects, and materials to make the game truly yours, save time, and use the different prefabs. From the hiring process to specialisations, from janitors to the doctors, you get to make sure everyone is doing their job and enjoying their work. You can offer assistance to your doctors especially in the most complex cases or follow your preferred patients.

The Modes in the Project Hospital Game

There are tutorial levels to guide you through the basics of running the hospital. The Sandbox mode gives you many hours of content, where you can build anything from big multi-storey hospitals to small clinics. You can begin everything from scratch or use a pre-built hospital if you want to go directly to management. You also get to operate your ambulance and help during emergencies.

The campaign puts you in a situation where you are a crisis manager saving hospitals that are in critical condition. There are six challenge levels to test your skills and to allow you to focus on the sophisticated details of various hospital departments.