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Rage 2 is a forthcoming first-person shooter (FPS) game that was developed by Avalanche Studios, a Swedish video game developer, in conjunction with the American video developer called id Software. Bethesda Softworks was the publisher of the game.


Avalanche was selected to be the collaboration partner for Rage 2 because id Software was really impressed by the work of the developer on Just Cause 3, particularly its gameplay, which was physics-based emergent.

Tim Willits stated that the team was hoping that the sequel delivers on the promise that was made by the original game, which happened to be limited by technology when it was released.

He added that the sequel was typically designed to be the “power fantasy” of the player. Consequently, they made sure that they’ll feel underpowered at the starting of the game.


Rage 2 features a colourful colour palette for the purpose of distinguishing itself from the other games developed by id Software. The game utilizes Apex game engine from Avalanche Studios instead of id Tech. This Apex engine enabled the team to create a detailed indoor environment plus broad outdoor locations.

Release Date

Rage 2 is a sequel to the 2010 to 2011 video game called Rage. The game will be released in Q2 or Q1 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Game Play

In the game, the player takes control of ranger Walker, who has to survive in a world that is inhabited by mutants that are dangerous after an asteroid has hit it.

The game is going to take place three decades after the first game, and it features a cast of new as well as existing characters. Walker can freely explore the post-apocalyptic open world in the game. Players are going to have access to a wingstick and various firearms to fight against foes.

Players can further maximise the firearms power when they activate the Overdrive mode, which is going to increase gameplay rewards as well.

Nanotrites and Ability Boost

Nanotrites, which were from the first game acting as special powers plus ability boosts, can be used in increasing combat efficiency. Additionally, the game features vehicular combat; the player is capable of driving any vehicle they choose in the game’s world.