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Remnant: From the Ashes stands as the latest multi-player online action game available in third-person from Gunfire Games. The game is set in a world fallen into chaos by primeval forces from an alternative dimension. The responsibility is on you, as one of the remaining remnants of mankind to defeat hordes of deadly enemies and rebuilt what humanity once was.

The game comprises limitless dungeon runs, collecting amour and weapons, and defeating bosses. All zones and bosses are randomised, offering unique pathways though the game meaning you can restart the game from the beginning without the repeating the exact same game. Let’s take a closer look.


Although the game allows you to accumulate gear for your character, it avoids the trap of endlessly scrambling through mounds of junk that some games fall into. The President and Co-founder of Gunfire Games explained that all items are handcrafted and unique in the game and should be treated as if legendary in other games.

Enemies and Worlds

When games claim to be endless, they can rarely deliver on that promise. However, Remnant has over 100 individual enemies and 20 bosses to fight with across four worlds comprising four zones. As a result, their art will be unique in each area.


Remnant’s has an over-the-shoulder fighting style that feels weighted and measured. Featuring both ranged and melee weapons, the fights are designed to be challenging but worthwhile. Players can quickly and easily change between melee and ranged weapons depending on how suitable they are for them enemy they are facing.


The first few enemies you mean will be quite easy, but the variety of enemies steps up and makes for an interesting and challenging game. The strategy of having less but always valuable items, offers gamers a different experience to your usual looter shooter games. However, after some time in the game, you will start to recognise some features on the level layout, but because elements are mixed up and shuffled creates fun and unpredictable game-play.