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About RONIN Two Souls

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RONIN Two Souls is an action, adventure, Indie RPG developed and published by M11 Studio. In this game, the player gets into the fictional world of Kenjiin a small deserted Japanese island. Kenji is a young warrior lacking an understanding of his heritage. He is portrayed to have lost his master who found him while still a baby. With his master dead, Kenji sets himself up for the battle. In this genre, the player gets into the game as a young warrior with the freedom to insult, ignore or help the people encountered. Various quests will need to be completed, where the player engages enemies in fights.

The player is allowed to change appearance and boost their stats by locating stashes and adopting the equipment of defeated enemies. The game is loaded with weapons and has a rich story line.Create unique adventure with Kenji, the character determined to become a Samurai. The game is staged in a peaceful environment with stunning scenery. In it are shrines, picture-perfect structures and a bamboo forest.