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About Roundguard

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A Brief Description of Roundguard Game
Roundguard is an addictive bouncy adventure game developed by Wonderbelly Games. In the game, Castle Springbottom is under attack, and gamers are expected to defeat the enemies and save the king of the Castle Springbottom.

The game features lots of loot, pinball physics, and a randomized castle with many oddballs. It also has charming aesthetics with characters dressed in garb and costumes, making it visually attractive. The game is divided into various acts with plenty of fun turns to keep you entertained as you advance. You only move to the next stage once you defeat the baddies. Luckily, a makeshift stage director offers you tutorials as you keep on advancing.

Overall, Roundguard is a refreshingly easy-to-play game that will leave you wanting more.

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