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About Ruinarch

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Developed by Maccima Games and published by Squeaky Wheel Studio, Ruinarch is a simulation sandbox strategy game involving the creation of obstacles and conflict in fantasy worlds. It is inspired by story generators such as, Crusader Kings 2 and Dwarf Fortress, giving a new twist to the genre, whereby the evil interloper who acts as a demon assumes the villain role.


Ruinarch is a devilish game that features a procedural story generation. Being an evil demon, your role is to create havoc by invading fantasy worlds. You then should take on the role of raising the dead, poisoning people’s food and imposing misery. With your evil powers, turn on the heroic defenders and cast spells on them by wiping them out using earthquakes, lightening, meteor and fire balls, among others. Your aim is to kill all the villagers to bring in your demonic invasion to the world. Each playthrough presents a fantasy world which you have to conquer and varying situations to exploit.

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