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About Saints Row

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This action-adventure video game was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The game is set in the American southwest, and it comprises a total of 9 districts in the city surrounded. Each playable district has its distinct feel. You can also enjoy the game solo or in an untethered two-player co-op mode.


The game allows the player to create a character of their choice and customise their hairstyle, face, fitness, and ethnicity. Some of the custom Boss the players can create include a chrome-skinned cowboy who has a neon green mohawk haircut.

Run your gang the way you want

In this Wild West playground, the game offers players the freedom to run their gang however they see fit. That means the developer strives to maintain a self-made conception that gives the player loads of customisation options and choices when bringing in cash for a criminal empire.

Play the game in a third-person view

The game uses a third-person view, allowing the player to rotate the camera around a character. The player can swim, jump, run, and utilise vehicles to navigate the game world.

Linear story arc

In the epilogue mission sequences and bar introductory, missions in this game are divided between several linear story arcs, which the player can progress through one by one or simultaneously and extinguish a rival gang.

How to fight in the game

The player uses explosives, firearms, melee weapons, combat and hand-to-hand combat to fight the police and rival gangs. A free aiming reticule will appear on the screen when the player has weapons equipped.

How to earn cash income

Activities and missions accrue the player’s cash income. The player can then spend this money on goods and services like clothes and weapons. If the player fails a mission, they can attempt again without losing their Respect points.