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Satisfactory game is a big and complex game that involves you to build something from scratch. The games start when you are dropped on a planet. You start small by gathering the materials from ingots, plates and iron bars to copper beams. Then you start building and not long you find that you have built space elevators. As you finish one task, you get new blueprints for new things to build and improve the planet. After building you can start exploring the planet and find new resources that you can take to your factory.

Early access

Since satisfactory is a complex game and it needs to keep on expanding to get the perfect game. For this reason, the game company introduces the game at an early access period where the players can enjoy the game and help in creating and expanding it. This will help the game company to focus on the right things and come up with an awesome game. The early access satisfactory game will differ from the final game in some aspects as the full version will have more machines, resources, more optimisation. Additionally, the game will have an iterate on the world, new places to explore and improvement of the core gameplay.

Road map

The satisfactory game keeps on improving and getting better as time goes by. There planned future updates to make the game more interesting and introduction of new features. The gaming company already has prototypes, but they need to improve and update this prototypes before introducing them to the players. The gaming company is focusing for the first few weeks on fixing some annoying bugs, crashes and smaller QoL improvements. By the end of May, they need to have improved the trains, tier 7 and overhaul late game areas. As the year progresses, they are aiming at improving the core gameplay and systems.


Satisfactory game is a great game if you love an adventure and building a factory. You can choose to play as a single or multiple players.