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Scorn is a survival, adventure first-person horror game. It was developed and published by Serbian studio, Ebb Software. It was inspired by the works of H.R Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski, meaning we can expect a creepy game.

About the game

This game is based on a dream-like world. The player will be thrown and isolated into this strange world and will explore different connected regions. The creepy environment in itself is a character. The different regions have their own themes, characters, and puzzles, creating a cohesive world. The game gives you a chance to explore different regions with different skill sets, weapons, and items. You will also be tasked with trying to figure out the sights presented to you.

The biomechanical weapons will be attached to a modular base on the character’s body. To utilize a particular weapon, the player must first remove the current weapon from the base and replace it with a different one. The most common weapons showcased are a three-barrel rifle and a pistol. The pistol causes some mild damage to the other characters in the game. The pistol can be exchanged for a shotgun which causes much more damage to the characters at close range and reduces at long range.

Puzzles will probably be an integral part of the game. Every move has a reason and a purpose. You just have to figure out what it is. The whole story is told in the game.

The game has a disclaimer that it features some adult content and may not be suitable for children and may not be appropriate for viewing at work.