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About this game

Serin Fate is a magic-adventure RPG created by Vethergen and published by Crytivo. Its full release is in 2021, with its early access available on steam. Featuring casual aspects, such as gardening, adventure, fishing and sandbox freedom, this game takes on a modern approach in its storytelling. It intertwines multiplayer friends, difficulty modes, leaderboards and creature-dueling.

This game turns the player into a witch, where you then have to learn some magic. You will need to tidy up your hut, look for battle-worthy familiars and some friends to brave the land. Players can choose to engage the casual side of the game, including house decorating, tending or capturing chimera, among others. Also, the rogue gamers can explore the thrills of the land with ‘Hard Mode’ where there are real monsters and death. Serin Fate is highly adventurous and fun to engage in, coming to you with unique mechanic and immersive worlds, wholly stocked with great characters and awe-inspiring magic. The angle you take while playing is up to your liking.

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