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Shovel Knight is ready for his newest adventure!

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon was created by Vine. This time, defeating the evil enchantress won’t be as simple as jumping and throwing. Shovel Knight needs to explore new areas, craft new gear, and uncover the enchantress’s evil plan. The enchantress has unleashed her five-book minions to seize each of the world’s sacred relics. She can’t be working alone. The enchantress’s plan must be stopped, and the world’s relics must be recovered.


Each relic, guarded by one of the enchantress’s books, brings Shovel Knight closer to finding the truth.

But be careful Shovel Knight; some say these books are alive.

These huge levels are filled with puzzles, unlike anything you’ve seen before. The enemies are tough too; they can push and pull objects, hide, and surprise you by appearing on the other side of a wall. You need new tactics to reach these achievement-filled, treasure-stuffed sanctuaries!

Main Features

A complete adventure with four huge, distinct levels -Play as fan favourite hero called Shovel Knight. Innovative gameplay blends platforming and combat -10 additional class-based challenge levels to test your skill -Gorgeous, whimsical art style -Procedurally generated levels of the Knight’s ever-changing quest -Collect relic shards to unlock new abilities.