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Slay the Spire is a combination of card games and rogue-likes fused to make the best single player deck-builder possible. To begin the game the player chooses one of a few foreordained characters. This sets a beginning measure of health, gold, and an underlying deck of cards that consists of essential attack and defense cards. The objective is to work through a few levels of the spire, each level having various potential experiences circulated in a stretching structure with the boss character appearing towards the finish of the level.

the game

Experiences incorporate beasts, campfires to mend or redesign cards to all the more powerful forms, shopkeepers to expel cards from the deck and purchase cards and elixirs, chests with random plunder and random encounters that are of the player’s choice. The accessible cards that the player may acquire are set by the character the player chooses and color-coded to help in identification. During the early moments of access, two of the characters are available. One has the cards aimed for coordinate attacks while the other’s build is to enhance skills, buffs and debuffs.  With a number of cards and some energy points, monster combat encounters are turn-based giving the player freedom to play with as many cards as they can provided that they have the energy or cards to play. The monsters telegraph intended attacks and their magnitude allowing the player to choose how best to use their cards. Buffs and debuffs affect a characters vulnerability and strength exposing the players to attacks and issuance of unplayable “Wounds” or “Curse” to their deck. Once a a player completes their turn the player discards the cards and loses all energy and block points, meaning that they have to start a new turn.

Slay the Spire has its making inspired by the Netrunner collectible card game. The game is currently under development by Mega Crit Games, with an able team of developers determined to make it a success.