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Some Some Convenience store is a game about starting a relationship while working part-time in a Japanese convenience store. Its main character starts to work at a convenience store due to financial constraints in his family. However, when there is a low traffic, he gets bored and decides to download an app called SomeSome. Once he joins the platform, the app matches him with three beautiful girls. They include an innocent-looking part-time worker, a carefree bodyguard and a foreign trainee with aspirations to become a singer.

Your goal is to choose one of the three girls and develop a relationship with them while working part-time at the store. There are three routes from which you can choose one to experience the dating. Each of the three characters has a unique personality, giving the game a varied feel. Most users play each girl at a time and try each of the three dating routes, ending up with nine ways to play the game.

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