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About Song of Iron

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Song of Iron is a remarkable solo effort from game creator Joe White, who independently created the game—though Will Goss wrote the magnificent Viking music.

Even if it is a touch raw around the margins, this is a terrific looking and voicing game. The activity platformer may lack the shine that a greater squad would bring to the game, but that is a portion of what makes it so appealing.

You play as an unidentified soldier; you may pick men or women, but that is your only option whose town has been burned down by foes and who embarks on a quest across a magnificent landscape of sweeping vistas, gloomy woodlands, and even deeper caves. Along the journey, you will gain new talents and capabilities that will aid you in navigating the dangerous realm. You will have to deal with a slew of enemies, ranging from human soldiers to goblins to enormous trolls, all of which you will have to dodge-roll around.

A dying desire sends you on your way to save countless others. Travel with an old artifact of your tribe to win the gods’ grace and assistance.
With the faith of your community on your shoulders, struggle through anything that stands in your path, a hefty burden for anybody.