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Soul at Stake is an Action Role-playing horror game, developed by Chongming Studios, and released in June 2018.

About Soul at Stake

“There was once a luring urban myth saying that if one can win the game, they would gain countless money as a prize and that his/her destiny would change to become the mightiest overnight,” is the opening statement when you open Soul at Stake!

This oriental-themed 1v4 survival horror game features an over 100 years old abandoned house from which the cardholders have to escape from the ravaging rampage of the devils.

You’ve got to Survive

The trick is to survive and do anything within your capacity at that including spending your earnings “instant heal”, “teleport”, invisibility and healing your fellow escapees from the jaws of death. These tools help them to continue living, running and hiding from the devil.

Your Soul is your Stake!

The survivors, code-named ‘gamblers’ are engaged in serious gambling where your soul is your stake! They even go to lengths of sacrificing the lives of their colleagues to save their own soul, from the teleporting devil.

The Gamble

The gamblers are Daisy the Student, Daniel the docker, Angie the celebrity and Charles the banker. When you are overwhelmed and your health falls below 30 per cent, the devil could just kill you, at your most vulnerable time. Your fellow escapees could help you out through instant healing. However, when your team manages to pull through all the way, you get credit for the win!

Become the Killer

At the beginning of the game, you choose which card(side) you use to play, which basically defines your roles. If you choose to play as the devil, your core duty is to hunt down the escapees and kill them. The killers’ profiles are The Corpse- an angry man abandoned at birth, who will swat down anything that moves, The Bride and the Prince, who derive their pleasure in killing.

Soul at Stake is full of twists and turns, which will keep you focussed and stunned as you explore the cruel survival battle.