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SpellForce 3 is a fantasy game that blends RTS and Strategy elements. The game was developed by Grimlore Games, in association with their publisher THQ Nordic.

The End of the Mage Wars

SpellForce 3 is set in the year 518. The Mage Wars have been brought to an end, but at what price? The lands are in anarchy, and a deadly plague known as Bloodburn is ravaging the population. Set before SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, this game blends RTS and RPG elements. Play as a hero who has his own unique skills. Rais an army, fight in massive battles and immerse yourself in a rich and well-developed world.

Choose Your Side

Choose from one of three factions – the Humans, Elves or Orcs, and prepare your troops to fight in what promises to be the mother of all battles. The singleplayer campaign features a 30 hour long story which can be enjoyed solo or in co-op mode. In addition to the fully-voiced, detailed campaign there is a multiplayer mode with co-op and PvP. Choose your faction, build your hero and develop your army, then plan your strategies to achieve battlefield domination.

The game comes with a free mod kit and level editor, that was used by the developers to build out the game. These are flexible tools, and documentation is included, giving players the opportunity to add new content and expand the game limited only by their own imaginations. This ensures that SpellForce 3 will be entertaining players for a long time to come.