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About Spirit Island

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Spirit Island is a game of strategy and cooperation between spirits and islanders against the colonisers, designed by R. Eric Reuss.
The game is about a land, far away from the reaches of the world, which is filled with spirits of the sky, land, and all aspects of nature. As colonisation continues to spread globally, Europe’s powers soon get the word about the land and commence an attempt to grab it.

The player will be a spirit with elemental powers and will fight the colonisers with the help of islanders who reside in the land. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Victory will be found only after destroying all coloniser settlements and scaring them away from the land.
A player will lose if one of the spirit’s presences is completely destroyed, if the colonisers overrun the island with blight or if the invading colonists’ deck runs out before victory is accomplished.