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About Spirit of the North

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Spirit Of The North is a third-person action-adventure platform game that is developed and published by Infuse Studio.

This adventure platform game invites players to take the form of a red fox protagonist who becomes entangled with a female spirit fox who happens to be the guardian of the Northern Lights. The game’s journey takes place over sweeping mountains underneath red coloured skies, weaving fun gameplay into a wonderfully rendered mystical world. The Spirit Of The North is a game that explores and celebrates companionship, as well as the excitement in discovering fascinating worlds.

The game is intriguing as well as beautiful and takes you on a journey overcoming obstacles to shed light on the ruins of the past and a lost civilisation through a hugely-diverse set of Icelandic landscapes including tundra, mountains, and glaciers. The journey creates the narrative, as this game doesn’t have any dialogue.

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