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If you enjoy first-shooter games, then you are going to love Squad. It is a multiplayer game, so it makes for a fun experience when you are playing with friends or other competitors. This game was developed by a Canadian studio called Offworld Industries. The game was released to Steam on September 23, 2020 and it is available for purchase.

If you ever want the experience of being in an army without actually joining one, I would highly recommend this game. This game allows you to play alongside 50 other players who are in your army. As an army of 50, you will also encounter another army of 50. The other army is your enemy that you must defeat.


In order to defeat your enemy, the game relies heavily on teamwork. As a team, you have to communicate about the tactics you will employ and plan accordingly. A lot of co-ordination of your army is really needed. It is very engaging and this would be a bad time for your mother to enter your room and call you for dinner. You would leave your other teammates hanging. This means they either have to plan without you or stop playing altogether.


Another reason why we love gaming is the graphics. The graphics of this game are out of this world. Compare the graphics to any first-shooter games from the 70s or 80s. You will be amazed at how technology has evolved in gaming. They get every detail correct; from the animation of the weapons to the soldiers and to the fighting venues. The improvement of the graphics have been made possible due to the use of Unreal Engine; a 3D real time creation platform.

This game demands your keenness. While you are running around with your army, 5 other squads will be in combat. You will hear gunshots throughout the game and you may be tempted to shoot in the direction of the sound, only for you to kill your teammate. Can you handle that pressure?


Another nice feature of the game is the sound. The sound of the battle planes and gunshots sound so realistic. You will not need to worry about distorted sounds.


The bar has been set very high . Will there be another game that overshadows this one? We will have to wait for the next to release of another first-shooter game.